Top 2 Names on This Week's Chart Total 400K + Price Paid for in 2008 Revealed

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    The new weekly domain sales report is out at Along with the week's top sales, we uncovered the previously unreported multi-million dollar price that sold for 11 years ago (five years later it was sold again to Walgreens at a still unknown price). This week's sales were nothing to sneeze at either with the top three totaling nearly half a million dollars. The #1 name on our latest all extension Top 20 Sales Chart was one of the year’s 15 biggest sales to date. We also saw one 2019’s ten biggest non .com gTLD sales (a new gTLD). Three ccTLDs also earned places on the Big Big Board while the always powerful .coms rolled up everything else (15 of 20 entries overall). You can get all of the details here: