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A Suggestion.. Maybe user should get a option to select the desired data, I mean not everybody wants to know the Reg Country every time, so Program should let user select the information before starting scan. ?? At minimum maybe somebody just want to do a Available-or-Not scan.. Perhaps it will increase speed also..


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Avail / Not Avail / Pending Delete / Pending Delete Restorable does the same.

Problem is as you query the whois database more and more times with the SAME IP address the amount of information returned is limited. That is why the ONLY solution we found was socks, with all kinds of other testing to make sure reg date, status by those four groups etc .. are all returned.

Otherwise our Server Based script would start repeating invalid results - wasn't gathering enough data is why ... I have, at one point of time got a scan in 1 hour sorting by avail / pending / pending delete all - not sure what I did with that copy though :(

All I have is our new copy as we figured people would want to see original reg date as scrolling back to 2005 registrations dropping is a sure fire way to find better domains in large gathered lists. Rather than domains registered last year.


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Yes Ryan, but how much complex is the use of proxies for a user :) ? I think that with a script only usable on server side, you loose 50% of domainers. Not all of us are developpers. A simple software usable on your desktop is really more user friendly.

I currently have a beta version supporting proxies, but from what I see, free socks proxies can't be used for that purpose. Private dedicated proxies seems needed: this is not free.

This is under study.
Domaining123 - Told you there would be issues :)

The absolutely only way ... Is to have user get SOCKS installed on their own server. That is why the price of my software went up even more, because not only getting socks installed by their sys admin but the extra time it takes to get everything tweaked even after SOCKS is installed.

I am 1000% sure your versions is GREAT - realy I am. But I don't need to scan .com or .net. I can get free daily drop list and even have free sorting tools available online :)

My problem rests in the fact that I have 100's of thousands of .in names to scan ... And I need the most efficient way to do that - the script I have is for VERY serious domainers. The script you have is for the casual user who doesn't need top end speed ot continously tweaking things to get the fastest scans for .in

Hell, at the moment, I am not even offering scans for any other extension than .in - JUST .in :) of course and .in variants


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Well, I found a simple way to support proxies.

My software is still a simple Windows executable. You just need to add a file named proxies.txt in the same folder as the software with proxies formatted like this:

As Ryan explained above, free proxies can't be used to scan domains: this works, but they are too slow/bad quality/always down.

To use proxies, you must have a dedicated server with a SOCKS proxy installed (my software support both SOCKS4 and SOCKS5).

And I will deliver a complete version for mid-price ($40) to the first guy who has a ready dedicated server with a SOCKS proxy installed on it (the new version will be sent for free to all my customers).

Just say "me" in this thread. :)
I would offer to test but my SOCKS PROXIES are going to be accessible from the server ONLY. My software is now going to a monthly fee except for users who have bought it. You have a huge advantage in pricing, mine is a huge advantage in speed :)

P.S. I tried 3 private proxy sites and spent over $150 - and even private proxies time out after an hour or so ... Just a heads up, test thoroughly if you do find a solution !


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Yes Ryan, private proxies are just a joke. You have the good solution with a dedicated server. The only drawback is the price.
Indeed - it is not for a casual domainer.

And my service best operate flawlessly or I will have some pissed off customers :)

Best be on the ball, huh ?


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Scanning speed is critical to those of us with lists of 1,000,000 domain names :eek:)

And drop catch speed IS critical - Watch it soar in the next couple weeks through Catch Names !

I have a total of nearly 1.3 million names now with my lists combined, about 250K are probably duplicates.

P.S. TRUST ME - I am NOT the only one :)
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Also, my main CONCERN is not abusing .in registry. My scanners will be doing less repeated scans of in registry than your scanners will :) Unless you relay through your own server and use SQUID :)
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