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The thread that you closed yesterday is important as we were discussing issues that affect the whole .IN investing community. Please re-open it and, if anyone goes against the forum rules, simply ban them. Thank you.
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Hi Jeff, I fully agree with the_poet. Its better to enforce forum rules than closing the thread when dispute arises , if you start closing threads it means all threads where conflict of opinions comes in has to be closed. You can delete all discussions where personal attacks are posted, I do support you in all means, I am fully against posting personal attacks on any member.. ... its Its indeed an important topic which has been raised by Ryan yesterday , so i request you to re-open the thread for further lively discussion.



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You can delete all discussions where personal attacks are posted, I do support you in all means, I am fully against posting personal attacks on any member

Exactly. Once a member posts a personal attack, that post should be deleted and its author banned. We want to discuss things that are critical to the future success of the .IN namespace (and, to a certain extent, of InForum as well) and if people aren't grown up enough to participate in a discussion without insulting other members, they simply shouldn't be allowed to be part of the discussion.


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i just went thru that thread , and it has gone on red hot chilli peppers..

i will request jeff to oepn the thread. there are many things that needs to be mentioned and discussed by the fellow domainers.

said that, will like to discuss on this thread on few people who have been registering domains (backordering) with no intention to make the website or incorrect details etc... just keeping a watch of change of hands.. trust me, it is interesting!


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Indeed, yesterday thread is pretty interesting, and closing it leaved many important questions nonanswered or unclear.

Personal attacks could be regulated by other, more appropriate means IMHO.


I have to participate in this thread as I am also involved in the thread this thread is about. I don't involve myself in Mess and I will do everything to stay away from it. I am not a new Kid on the Block. I have presence on major domaining forums long enough. I have no patern of talking or poking nose into anything other than minding my business.

Life goes on and I am in a better position than before. Everybody starts slow with less money then they grow. You cannot take dignity away from anyone be it a beggar on the Street. We should never get into personal insults. So when I am developing as a person, came here, wrote a warrior style report in my own way :) tried my best and started to contribute to this forum as it is Indian related and I have a .in portfolio myself. Buying domains and lining them up for development is ones own business.

Yesterday my problem is not the domains themselves or the person who registered them. My problem is with Mitsu giving 11 connections to this person for the sole purpose of drop catching. We see it no need to argue there. When they stopped offering services, how come they offered only to this Person in question is my Question and I cannot justify it in my Mind after seeing all that is being said and discussed.

I said many times before, I have no problem with drop catching if the world does it, what is my problem? None I just don't recognize it as Talent and only recognize it as business.

@The_Poet I understand your concern and pain, but because of Mitsu offering 11 connections to one person after they Stopped offering Drop Catch services to the public in general you couldn't get any because the service is not offered to you. My view is it should not be offered to One person only. If offered it should be offered to everybody or nobody. This is too much power and imbalance, dangerous also. It is overpowering the public in general. If Mitsu offered services to everyone or stopped services to everyone, I wouldn't be here now writing this post. I respect your view points and opinion but please do not judge people. We don't know everything people think, approach and try to solve problems, they do it in different ways. Just because someone differs in Opinion, that someone cannot be treated as a critter. Instead we should have healthy debate. That said I appreciate your comments. You are a cool guy. If Mitsu didn't offered his drop services to only one customer, then you would have had a Level playing field and your Luck in catching 1 or 2 good names among those might have been better.

Regarding banning users for voicing their opinions. It is not good when a heated discussion goes on people talk blame each other etc, why should anyone be banned for this? unless it is one sided... and one guy is overpowering other. In all other cases we are not a court. We can just delete the troubling posts or threads. Ban has to be issued to insane people not to Mitsu or Me.

I made my point. I will mess no more and I can't be clearer than this. I think nobody should feel sorry for what had happened yesterday, it is a valid discussion bar insults between Me and Mitsu. Mr. Sanjeev lost his cool I lost mine, I would have been better. Life is full of lessons, you guys and girls have a nice day, time to go and make some money :)


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I'm not saying you don't have the right to ask those questions to Mitsu, of course you're free to do it, but please do it via PM or in another thread. Because if Jeff deems your behaviour a personal attack to Mitsu, he'll close the whole thread whose topic was something else, hence preventing all the other members from discussing it.


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@Jeff, Reopen the thread which you have closed. And why you removed the post of NameTrader?

NameTrader has made his point clear there and Many domainers would have raised their point on the same. I was eagerly waiting for Mr. Sanjeev's reply.

So, Kindly open the thread and let the show run!


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Fair enough. I'll re-open the thread, and just delete the personal attacks.


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i do not see them as personal attacks , if you ask me.
Mitsu, with all due respect, did mentioned multiple connections provided to individual for the activity...

that leaves too many unasked questions with no answer to them.

i am not against back-ordering and neither to the process and infact will appreciate if the whole process is channelized by the registry.

but till that time, the registrars will have undue benefit and advantage over domainers ;) - that's the hard luck and the hardest fact in this industry.

also, questions here are about the wrong info / fake whois info ...

thanks jeff ... although will just love to read it and try not be a pinocchio!

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