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Today my son told me about a .TK website that he uses during computer class at school. I confess I had absolutely no idea what .TK stands for and had to look it up! ;)

In case you don't know either: .TK is for Tokelau (which is a Polynesian territory of New Zealand). According to The World Factbook, the estimated population for Tokelau was 1,416 in July 2009. For more info about .TK domains, see here.

From what I can tell, .TK doesn't seem to do well and this is probably due to a number of different reasons. For example, the Dot TK Registry offers domains for free and this often leads to phishing and spamming. In general, how trustworthy are free domains? Also, the .TK domain is unknown to many people.

I found only one reported .TK sale on DNJournal: MoviesTelugu.tk. It sold for $5,500 on Sedo in February 2009.

Today was the first time I came across a .TK website. What about you? Have you ever come across .TK domains/websites before?


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