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When it comes to creating income from domain parking, what are some of the tips and tricks that one can use to earn more money?
I think the best option is the domain redirection. I know many affiliate marketers who use the domain redirection as a method to simple redirect the people to new domain. And this domain may simply convert the offer. And there is nothing to be done on our site. It can be good for the conversion. It can be also good option to avoid any domain value to go down. As it's redirecting the offer, there is nothing to worry about.
People are normally divided on this topic. Infact, some argue that having parked domains isn't good for SEO and that it is much beneficial to actually have domain redirects. The idea here is that redirects avoid the possibility of search engines penalising a site for duplicate content.
After parking domains for six months and getting very little, last month I unparked two of my domains and stuck pages with Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliates up. I've already made the same revenue as I did in those six months, partly because I don't have to give the domain parking company a cut and partly because the search ranking starting to improve. I'm not sure how much you can make from domain parking.
It seems parking companies wanted more and more of the money and at a time when internet users were getting savvier about avoiding parking pages. I'd love to hear of some present day successes though.


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