Time to Upgrade to WordPress 2.8.1


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A reminder to upgrade your WordPress blogs to WordPress 2.8.1. It fixes a vulnerability which allows unprivileged users to view plugins configuration pages and, with some plugins, to modify plugin options and inject JavaScript code.

Not all plugins are vulnerable to this problem, however WordPress advises that we upgrade to 2.8.1 to be safe.

2.8.1 also fixes a number of bugs.


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That's right, it's time to update your WordPress blogs again. WordPress has released a security patch that fixes an XSS vulnerability:

This could be exploited to redirect you away from the admin to another site

Here's the official announcement about WordPress 2.8.2.

Since the introduction of the automatic upgrade option, I find it's not such a big deal to upgrade so often.


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Re: Time to Upgrade to WordPress 2.8.3

Apparently not everything was fixed with 2.8.2. Therefore, 2.8.3 has now been released.

Since this is a security release, upgrading is highly recommended.


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I have been trying to install wordpress for one blog, but everytime the index screen comes up, tried the guides ,404 error ,
not able to access the .htaccess files?


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Are you doing a manual or automatic install?

Why do you need to access the .htaccess file - are you trying to change the file permissions? Is the .htaccess file not showing via ftp?


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tried both autoinstall and ftp! autoinstall progresses till i am able to write new posts, however on 'view post' option, the index page is displayed. I replaced the index.php file with the one in the wp-admin folder, is there any other file i have to copy to the root folder? as the posts shows 404 error.
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Weird, I've never seen that error before.

Why are you replacing the index.php file with the one in the wp-admin folder? There is an index.php file in the root folder that should be used instead.

If that doesn't clear it up, I'd be inclined to back everything up, delete all your files (not the database) and do a fresh install.


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do you mean just reinstall wordpress 2.8.4 ? i re- autoinstalled it using fantastico, however on going to site i reach the same index page... i think there is a simple solution, but just cannot put a finger on it :mad:
btw its addon domain (HG) ,if that makes any difference..

i dont have an index.html on the root , is that a prob?


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Version 2.8.5 just came out. I think they just like to keep every busy upgrading...
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