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Earlier this week, Bill Gates held another AmA on Reddit, where he spoke about his Harvard days, his personal life, and his vision for the future. Read on to get a glimpse of his life and thoughts.

During Harvard University days

I decided that I would be different and never attend any class I was signed up for but always attend a class I wasn’t signed up for. This worked out in a funny way when the final exam for a Combinatorics class (which I signed up for) was given at the same table as my Brain studies class (which I attended and did not sign up for). My friends from Brain studies thought it was very strange that I sat on the wrong side of the table and took the Combinatorics exam even when I was the most vocal student in the Brain class.

He emphasised on the hard work he had put into studying at Harvard. He said –

I studied super hard during reading period and almost always got A’s. The big exception was organic chemistry where the promised video tapes of the lectures sometimes had no sound or no video – that spooked me and I ended up getting a C+ in the course!

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