This guy gets 100,000 shares in Get-rich-quick tale


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Staff member, a tech startup was running this promotional campaign where they held a competition to get people to sign their friends up for a preview version of its service. The startup announced that it would give 100,000 shares of the company to the person who signed up the highest number of people.

The 28-year old Eric Martin spent some $18,000 to advertise on sites like Gifthulk and Swagbucks, which rewards people for signing up to websites online.
In just 3 weeks, Martin got more than 8,000 members to sign up to's insider program.
The startup announced Thursday that Martin was the top-enroller, and it handed over the 100,000 shares.

100,000 shares in is worth millions of dollars considering that the company has raised $220 million in funding.

The news was reported on CNN Money


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So all it takes are an information, decisiveness and willingness to risk. Great motivational Friday story! :)


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