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Have you ever heard of custodial registrations? I have seen some companies that let the employees who are tech-savvy handle the domain related issues. In my opinion, it is important to be keen on the registration process as it may lead to disputes to do with ownership. I am looking at a scenario where a third party is allowed to register domains then later on, the real owner is unable to give proof of ownership.


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A lot of companies and business are entangled in legal disputes as a result of placing too much trust on a third party. I stand corrected but I think in most cases, the real domain owner is determined from the Whois website. In this day and age, it is never safe to trust everyone. People will always take advantage of any loopholes.


I totally agree with you Tulip. As a website owner it's up to you to make sure that the ownership of your domain is never in question. You never know what a disgruntled employee might do so it's best not to put that power in their hands.


Is there any reason why someone would not be able to take care of their own website details like that and need someone else to do so for them? Maybe they have too many sites to take care of?


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If we are to learn from past experiences, then it is best not to delegate some of the sensitive functions like these. I wouldn't let anyone handle the registration process. Is it easy to prove that you are the real owner from the Whois website when such a thing happens?


I think that whoever's details are used in the process of signing up is the only person who will ever have any sort of claim to the particular domain.
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