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In the business world, all too many people assume that their corporate website should have one domain name pointing to it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “We already have a domain for our website.” In reality, one domain name is just a baseline… The fun really begins when you utilize two or more domain names by way of domain name redirects.

What is a Domain Name Redirect?

A domain name redirect allows one to redirect a domain name to a website or to a specific page or section on a website. Many registrars (eg. GoDaddy) offer free domain name redirects when you purchase a domain name from them. Some registrars charge a few dollars per year for this service. Domain name redirects are quite easy to set-up in short order and can be benefiting your business in just a few hours.

When Are Domain Name Redirects Beneficial?

Domain name redirects can benefit businesses which offer more than one product category or service. Domain name redirection allows you to utilize targeted domain names (aka brands) to seamlessly guide customers to the specific product category or service they are seeking.

Case in point, we operate the website We offer a variety of beauty products to consumers which includes hair dryers. We utilize a domain name redirect to point the domain name to the section on which features blow dryers. How easy is that? Imagine how powerful this can be if we were to run an advertising campaign or promotion for hair dryers. Rather than directing customers to and then requiring them find the right section, we can direct them to

This is a wonderfully written article. You may read the entire article on TLDinvestors


Thank you for sharing! I've noticed most companies and site owners just use redirects for the same domain name but with a different domain ending - like having redirect to I wonder how useful it is to have a page redirect that is so different from the original domain name?
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