The Threat of Adblockers


Adblockers are used by a large minority on the net. Obviously, of course, people who make a living from the net don't like it. However, though, it might be a situation where really dumb ads, say pop-unders, might be causing a rise in ad-block use. In this case, not only are cheap ad companies lying to consumers, but they're destroying other marketers.


My personal websites revenue collapsed from 500 USD to 25$ USD a month. And many people are not even into Patreon. This makes it harder for me to sustain. And I am doing random jobs online to compensate. I don't think adblockers will reduce. So one has to find alternative ways to get some money from online sources. I am open to suggestions from others for alternative revenue sources online.


The thing people need to realize that certain ads can be super annoying, sometimes even random adult add might pop up as well. Now, you don't really want to see those while checking a site and your kid might be around. You can always work on implementing different method of ads as well, so they don't cover half of someones screen or pop up, because that is very annoying and indeed the very reason why lots of people install ad-blocking plugins. As a site owner you can do what lots of others do. Post a simple message and explain them that your site needs to earn some money by using ads in order to stay alive and kindly ask them to disable it. With that, you can also make add free payments, be it lifetime or monthly based. Depending on amount of people that you get on your site per month you can come up with a price for such features. Some sites offer monthly add free subscriptions for 1 to 2 $ which is really not that much.


I moved to selling my own adspace on my larger sites. It means I can control what ads sell and market directly to companies I know will appeal to my audience (and the other way around). It's certainly made me more money than Adsense. By integrating the ad code with the page, it can avoid most adblockers, but since the ads are relevant and not intrusive the audience don't complain.


In case of the revenue. People are looking for patreon as an option. But not all the services are worth the patreon. And that makes you wonder if it is any good to use some of such service. I personally think that adblockers need to go away. They are causing the industry to collapse. Not many people are able to make good content with it. So it has to go and people should avoid using it.


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