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I have been really worried lately with the current state of domain name brokers. You may have read how “I don’t like brokers”.

The problem is that most of the brokers know very little about domain names when they enter the business and most leave the business before they even learn anything.

Most of the so called brokers are simply sales people but domain names are not tables or toothbrushes. It takes time to learn the in and outs of domaining and most sales people are only concerned about reaching the yearly sales goal and getting commissions.

I had a conversation the other day with Elliot Silver about domain name experts. I mentioned that most domain name brokers are not domain name experts. For me “domain name expert” is not a term I use for many people. I might call them domain name professionals but not experts.

Owners know more about their domain names than any other person will ever know. And from I have seen brokers do not ask many questions when they are assigned a domain name. (Past offers, legal potential problems, traffic, history, price purchased and so on)

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