The relentless barrage of web design solicitations after domain registrations


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Here’s what I dealt with on Friday.

The moment you register a domain name you need to be prepared for a barrage of phone calls, emails and texts from companies trying to sell web design services.

For this reason, I now register domain names using a Google Voice number and a special email address. This covers most of the domains I hand register, and it always seemed like the perpetrators were only picking up on new domain registrations.

But last week I won a domain on NameJet that was deposited in my Network Solutions account. Despite being a transfer instead of a new registration, the spam began.

Here’s how one of the more interesting communications occurred. First, I got an email from “Leanna” at

This notion of being in cahoots with GoDaddy is something a lot of companies use when sending these solicitations. Of course, it’s not true.

I decided to see where this would go. I emailed Leanna back and said I was interested.

Instead of hearing back from Leanna, I got a message from “Sam” at DEHMedia

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