The Progress of the Hindi Language


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It's been stated that the Hindi language now has 7.5 lakh (750,000) words.

No other language of the globe has progressed at such fast pace as Hindi. At the time of independence there were 90000 words in Hindi language but now we have 7.5 lakh words. According to the statistics of 1971 there were 1.50 lakh words in Hindi whose number has increased now.
Talking about language Dave said that English developed in 450 years.
Source: Central Chronicle

BTW, of all world languages, it is thought that the English language has the most words. However, the figure all depends on what you define as a word (eg are you including obsolete words, Latin names, technical acronyms, scientific words, jargon, slang etc?). Global Language Monitor states that there are 1 million English words, while quotes both 250,000 and 750,000 depending on which words are included).
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