The Perfect Gift - FUNNY!!!


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Hmmh, perhaps I should whisper in my son's ear that he buys his domainer dad this type of pressie for his next birthday... :D

Nice comic strip Chef Patrick.


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Can't adopt him, he's all mine. I'm so proud of him :)

Hey Chef Patrick, I think your son would get on with my son. He goes around telling all his kindergarten friends and teachers about websites he hears my husband and me discuss. I'm never quite sure whether to be embarrassed or just enjoy the free marketing. :D
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Chef Patrick

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Very possible. My son is always looking at domain names and web addresses. He'll go somewhere and come home, let's check out

Chef Patrick

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Awww, do you just have one? I have a daughter your sons age. She'll be 6 in October.

I love having kids, really have changed my life.


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