The New Land of Opportunity? An Inside Look at India's Emerging Domain Market

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A new Cover Story is out at It’s all about the domain market in India – one that many believe is poised for explosive growth. India already has 300 million internet users (second most in the world to China) and they are expected to have 500 million within two years – but only 2% of small businesses there have a website! With 98% left to go, there is obviouly a LOT of room left to grow. To get more insight into this unique situation we huddled with several experts on the Indian market who told us what is happening there now and what they expect to see in the future. You can read “The New Land of Opportunity? An Inside Look at India's Emerging Domain Market” here:


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Great article indeed, but it is pretty funny to read first about all the opportunities and end up discovering that no three-member panel is available and that virtually any generic domain name can be taken away from domain investors via INDRP proceedings (examples noted are,,,, As far as I remember, Andrew Allemann of Domain Name Wire recently pointed out that INDRP is "extremely pro-complainant". So all this situation with .IN as part of land of opportunity sometimes reminds me joke from famous Russian animation picture: "I've got a parcel for you, but I won't give it to you."

I'm surprised that mainstream domain media almost ignore this unique situation related to INDRP: correct me if I'm wrong, but I heard of maybe two-three cases out of 705 INDRP decisions ruled against complainant (but not necessarily in favor of respondent).

Ron, maybe you will be that person who initiates historical discussion, bringing together domain investors/lawyers, .IN Registry/NIXI/INDRP staff, regarding INDRP?


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Thanks Ron...
The large online populations that use English primarily are US, UK, Australia, Canada and India. It would be safe to say India is going to exceed all of those countries combined in a decade.

Then the question is online buying power, which is really the key issue and when that per capita buying power increases in India, the shift would be complete.

This reminds me of the Chinese auto industry which was considered not lucrative a mere 20 years ago, now the largest in terms of volume and with increased buying power, clearly the most important market.
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