The future of ccTLDs looks bleaker IMHO


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Google no longer lets you change domains to search different countries

You’ve long been able to get localized search results by visiting Google at different domains — like for the US, for England, or for Japan — but that won’t be the case any more after today. Google said that it’ll now deliver search results relevant to your current location no matter which domain you visit. So if you’re in New York and visit, you’ll still get results relevant to New York City.


It's a pain when using a VPN, because google insists on showing me places out of my location because that's what the VPN gives them. However, how many people are really using VPNs right now? How many people care about tracking? We're web savvy people, so we're blocking tracking and ads, but the average person isn't. That's your customer.


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The article gives a workaround that seems to function:

Fortunately, it’ll still be possible to escape your country’s results. You’ll be able to change locations, you’ll just have to do it through the settings menu at the bottom of (which I’m willing to bet you’ve never noticed before because it’s hidden in the corner on the desktop and requires you to scroll down on mobile; I didn’t know it existed before today). By going to settings and then “search settings,” you’ll be able to pick a new location.


Ah, thanks for sharing that, Jeff. Yep, I've never noticed the "search settings" feature. I know the useful terms for advanced search and left it at that.


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