The Erosion of Progress by Religions off topic but thought provoking


Hello everybody,

I watched a video on youtube today. Which basically says knowledge transfer from generation to generation is vital for human beings to be anything at all, Good or Bad doesn't matter otherwise we'll get lost which is not a good thing.

What I learnt from this video is skim through everything you come across that grabs your attention.

You might come across some signboard while you are driving on a highway like,

"Big Bang Theory, You've Got to be kidding - God"

LoL by looking at signboards like we normally do, but step up a bit if you come across something that gets your attn, it might be the next million dollar domain in itself without a website.

I am not against selling domains where allowed and is a practice :) in fact I am trying to sell some of my dotcom's to fund BI.

Have fun! go role the wheels!



Neil Tyson presentation about intelligent design

Continuation to the above, watch it if you like this kind of stuff, but if you watch this video 45 minutes, I promise you will learn many new things. Relevant or not is not my problem :D enjoy.


The Moon, the Tides, and why Neil deGrasse Tyson is Colbert's God

Again this is some amazing stuff. We miss all these videos, around 11000 views only, I think it deserves 11 Million views, watch it if you want to learn something new and useful. I have to say it is an hour of your time, you will thank me later!

Success to you.

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