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To My Family and Friends

Today is Feb 29, 2012 a very special day in my life. It’s now around 9-30pm EST and Bharat Internet has just gone live. Padma and I have just launched a new journey in our lives, she has remained patient while I have dedicated every available second of my life towards our Company. The journey ahead is going to be even longer, but I can’t wait.

Bharat Internet is very unique because I created the entire concept in my head, I bucked the Industry way of acquiring domain names and used my own methods. I spent years researching every single one of my domain names before I purchased them. All the domains that are listed on the partnership page were either purchased on NamePros, DNForum and INForum or HAND REGISTERED. Not one domain is acquired by using automated tools or domain back ordering services provided by registrars. I have no problem with others using automated services and systems, but for me it’s both challenging and personal. Some Corporations use technology to overpower the domain market and I believe in fair play for everyone plus I will beat them. Domaining and web development is an art form and it’s my passion. So I combined the two and created Bharat Internet. This is my life’s work, every bit of knowledge I’ve acquired from the Internet is incorporated into my Company. I’m extremely proud of my “Developer Partnership Program†also. I don’t want to sound arrogant but I’ve created a program that will allow other people to create the websites on my domain names and we share in the profits. This program only takes time, any developer can make me a website in their spare time. Combine all the websites I will have with sponsors on them while they’re up for sale and providing a service or product on top of everything else and all developed by someone else. I purchased every domain name with the intent of developing them myself and each has it’s own purpose in my mind, but the partnership program is a way of getting it done so much quicker and more diverse also. Plus this way everyone has a chance of making some money in their spare time. I had to employ a copywriter and four other people for even I have some limits, ha, ha. These people believe in my vision and are very dedicated to making it come to life. I’ve done everything I can do, so now I give it up to God.

What is in the name:
BHARAT -- my motherland, I love her and my company is set up to promote her, local businesses and her citizens in the most positive light.

What future holds:
I see myself as already being a very fortunate & successful man with the love of my family and friends, but my wife wants some more money. Bharat Internet is now a team responsibility and as a team we’ll work together in order to secure our families future.

To anyone whoever dreams I have a message for you. There is no limits to your imagination and what one can achieve in life. Train yourself to be aware of your surroundings in your realm, use the tools of your trade along with past entrepreneurs successes in order to create your own successes. If you don’t try you can’t succeed, the most successful people in the world are also the biggest failures, my point being success or failure learn from it all and keep on going. If you never even try, that’s true failure. So any entrepreneurs that may stumble across my letter to my family & friends, remember what it used to be like: leave me a message I would love to hear from you.

I’m aware of the fact that the Internet has started to make it’s way into the homes and offices of India. The way Indians adapt to this change and the prospects that come along with this will simply be amazing. I’ve already witnessed the developments in the west and India NOW IS YOUR TIME. The Internet dawns in India and me along with Bharat Internet wish to be part of all of it. Life is good, stay tuned my friends I have other projects on the horizon.

Thanks for your time and please feel free to give me some suggestions, comments even criticism, I can take it. Tell a friend, we’d appreciate any publicity wherever and whenever possible. Have a great day.

Thanks and regards,
Nanda, Ravi


New Member
Congrats, sounds like a good venture.

I've been developing for the Indian market since 1998, if you need some info / tips, feel free to pm / email me.

Good Luck!
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