That's insane !! : A ".Holdings” domain sold at a whopping 19,000 USD

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    Domain names market is ever changing and ever evolving. What might appear random to one, might point a pattern to another. Recently the domain “Go.Holdings” sold at a whopping 19,000 USD on Sedo. Whether this is an indicator of an evolving trend or just another example of a lucky shot?

    The domain industry has pivoted from the long reliability on conventional top-level domains of “.com”, “.org” and “.net”. It became creative and pushed its limit to other country specific top level domains. We have also seen the rush for 2,3 and 4 lettered second level domains. But what we are seeing now is unprecedented. The rush of bringing everything online isn’t new but the emphasis on personalisation and the determined corporate approach in utilising it is something unheard of.

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