Texas-sized trademark problem


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According to TheFinancialBrand.com, the Texas company Arp State Bank recently became 'American State Bank.'

One problem though, there's already a bank in Texas with that exact name.

So, do you think this will cause confusion among consumers? I'd say most definitely yes! (Never mind the other financial companies outside Texas who also share this same name.)

Unless this problem is rectified, it's probably just a matter of time before a trademark infringement case ends up in court.


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Big problem for sure. Too many companies start brands or company names without obtaining trademark clearance or a trademark availability search. Failing to determine trademark clearance ahead of time can cost you big bucks in re-branding later. Because of the internet, there is a shortage of available brands and names where the trademark and domain name are both available. As a result, trademarks have gone up in value, even beyond patent rights is some people's estimation.

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