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I read a humourous article that observes how slackers use technology to deceive their bosses:

?If you missed a deadline, that is no problem,? he consoles us. One simple trick to ?reverse? time is to backdate the clock settings on your computer. Emails will then appear to have been sent earlier.

My guess is this is quite an old trick!

Another trick is to sign onto instant messaging systems from home to make it look like you are already at work. If your boss is not in the same office as you are, it appears as if you are at work early.?

Slackers could also do this from their mobile. ;)

?it seems that you can take a full-sized spreadsheet or text page and display that as a locked screensaver. Hide your clock, take a shot of a document, and your locked, idle PC looks like you are in the middle of work.?

I vaguely remember seeing this tactic used by a suspect in murder mystery film to provide them with an alibi.

?by using a small keychain device with prerecorded sounds that allows users to pretend to be where they are not. You can use background phone noises to concoct convincing excuses not to go to work. ?Alibi Intersection,? as the device is known, comes with six buttons that generate noises such as driving a car, standing in a train station or hearing a front-door chime.

Now that's what I call taking extreme measures to avoid work!

I wonder how many people use such devices and tricks? :eek:


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Huh, wow. I only heard of the email trick, but none of the others. That's pretty awesome. I like the last one with the noises. I wonder where I can get one? That'll be pretty neat when I want to call in sick with my boss. :)


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Ha-ha! Many thanks for the post! I think it is very useful and it can helps a lot for "modest" colleagues. I like information which contains a lot of humour!
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