Survey: Lifestyle Habits of Affluent Indians


New Member has provided a useful summary of the recent Nielsen [SIZE=-1]Upper Middle and Rich (NUMAR)[/SIZE] survey, which looks at the lifestyle habits of 18,250 affluent individuals across 35 Indian metros.

Highlights include:
* Six in ten affluent households are nuclear families.
* 25% affluent households have elders at home
* More than 50% of the households have more than one earning member
* 90% affluent individuals own a house
* 75% of them have a fully automated washing machine
* 40% affluent individuals have a home theatre and modular kitchen
* English is their preferred language for Newspaper
* Television is consumed more in regional languages
* 90% affluent individuals watch Television and nearly 75% read English Dailies
* More than 60% watch movies outside home
* More than 50% use Internet at home
* More than 60% individuals do not read magazines
* 30% affluent individuals visit a parlour or spa once a month.
* 80% of affluent individuals go out for meals frequently
* 90% shop at Modern Retail stores and Shopping Malls

I note home internet access is more than 50%. No doubt many of these individuals also have internet access at work.

It's also interesting that they read English newspapers (which likely stems from the fact that many businesses and universities are run in English), but prefer to watch TV in regional languages.

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