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Yes, obviously, it was precisely the kind of domain I cited as an example in my recent post.

The question isn't whether these types of names are decent or not. They are and there's plenty more out there. The question is, are you prepared to hold it for 8, 10, 14 years and pay that full renewal rate every year, year after year until it is eventually worth something meaningful? And risk the possibility that in the mean time, something changes and it's worth nothing?

The reason these types of names are out there to hand register is because at this time, they have little resale value, just as similar type names in .com had little resale value in 1997. It took a long soak to reach that point and it will take a long soak for Indian names too.
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Sorry, missed your post! Thanks for your answer.

Yes, this domain names must be kept for minimum 4/5 years.
Maybe developping can be a good idea :)

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