sunrise for the .tel

Provides registrations during the Sunrise period which lanuchs on 3th December,2008.
Some ICANN accredited domain registrar, announced that it is accepting applications for the trademark application period for .tel, the new top-level domain. The company says that national trademark owners' domain applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis as of Wednesday, December 3, 2008.
The company explains that .tel domain provides organizations of all sizes a named listing with contact information in a global directory, accessible from any device connected to the Internet. It further explains that customers can search for up-to-date contact information at little or no cost to them, connecting with .tel owners dynamically. It adds that, .tel is search engine optimized through its ability to store indexed keywords, providing additional content for discoverability on the web. The company avers that listing in this global directory is included in the cost of purchasing the domain name and it requires no technical skill to set up and can be managed by a simple dashboard.
.tel is changing how consumers will locate contact information online. We are excited to be able to offer this new, fresh domain to our customers. The registrar encourage trademark owners to register .tel domains or risk missing out on being listed in the new global, 'live' contacts directory. Trademark owners can trust that potential customers will find them online with ease and that their online brand identity will be safeguarded by registering .tel .

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