Suggest best Matrimonial solution available in India


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Hello Friends,
I want to develop a matrimonial website, please suggest cost effective up to date solution, other then cheap scripts.


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become affiliate... why to go thru hassles ? will u check all profiles? photographs/ what if someone post n*de pic? legal complications...


I suggest you make one in all seriousness if you want the BEST. I am sure you can get a unique one developed to your taste in a set budget you are prepared to pay for a commercial ready made solution. Try out different freelance websites or other channels open to you. Lot of it depends on what is best for you good luck.


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I assume that the Matrimony arena is really competitive niche. In india it is mainly aquired by many leading players such as
There are many more in the list. Both have multiple offices on each major cities and rural areas.

The one worth mentioning is which has all the regional matrimony under their pocket such as focused on the south indian state for Tamil Nadu and so on for all the states..

Unless you have the resources for marketing or for domain flipping it would be tough for the development team to get to the areana and to generate busines out of it..

I do think that there are some open source scripts just to get started.. Else you have to contact some good software companies for the same. Ask quotes and go with the best... Anyways good luck for the venture if its moving forward.


Never get INTIMIDATED by BIG BUSINESS, if you do you can never succeed. The desire to succeed and invent new/improve solutions made a Larry Page, made a Sergey Brin and made a Mark Zuckerberg and numerous others and we will see many more in future.

How ever small you are, know what's going on around improvise, build upon, create new and give it a go. Overtime if you earn your bread, living a good life and doing just what you want to do then YOU ARE ALREADY SUCCESSFUL. Need not be as rich as the Stars I mentioned above, but you are still doing GOOD!

So again lot of it depends on what you are aiming to do!


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Thats true 'nametrader' ... never thought in such directions as you suggested. I like your determination and your positive insights..

yes it is the continous improvements and desire to success that matters and keeps you on the right direction..

now I truly believe that you have the determination and would move ahead and make the difference in the area that you are about to venture on to... best wishes


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You can get a fully customized matrimonial website like this one at Rs 40000. Scripts option is affordable but customization is an issue with them. I will also suggest that targeting a particular city is better for a start-up business as at national level there so many reputed websites and competition is fierce.


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