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New Member
I recently came across this website that has 3250 directories listed. You can submit your domain names/websites for free.

These sites are independant and not guaranteed whether you site will be accepted.
I know some of you may have used other commercial software for auto submission but for the new starters (like myself) may be ready to spend time and submit their site manually.

I have attached the zip for the download or you can go this site for a sample listings and download from there too. Enjoy!


    44.8 KB · Views: 10
    44.8 KB · Views: 10


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I know some of you may have used other commercial software for auto submission but for the new starters (like myself) may be ready to spend time and submit their site manually.

can someone elaborate a little how listing in multiple directories help. I mean listing in google and good ranking , is very helpful in increasing SE visibility and overall domain value.
but how does listing in so many dir(even if accepted) help the site.Will it mean 3k+ backlink if the sites are accepted by all!
Any good automated tool for these submissions
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New Member
Submit your website to quality directories only. Check to see what type of listings the directory has - is it linking to spammy sites or bad quality sites? If so, stay away.

A lot of free web directories offer reciprocal links. I'd be careful here as Google does not like excessive link exchanging.

Bottom line: I think it's better to submit to a few good quality directories, rather than hundreds of bad quality directories.

I don't know how up-to-date the list is, but a few of the directories were under construction or a parked page. Also, I notice the list contains at least three rip-offs of other well-known directories.
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New Member
Why not start your own directory? Here's a link to a site that gives away directory templates. There are also many other specialized directory templates anyone can download free, such as gambling sites. Do a little digging and you can find templates for whatever directory you want.

I haven't the slightest idea whether setting up directories makes money. But it sure is popular.


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I'd only recommend doing this if you've got an established website.

If you do this for a new website, it will stick out like a sore thumb to Google, as this is what so many SEOs do. Google will make sure a website that a new website that does this will not rank highly.


New Member
Sometimes my sense of humor [or, British spelling: humour] is so subtle even I don't get it. Someone posted about getting onto a gazillion directories. I was trying to squelch that idea, so I posted about how incredibly simple it is to create your own directory from a free template. I was trying to be ironic and humorous.

The point I was trying to make is that there are a gazillion directories out there, most of which are utterly meaningless, some of which are freebies to create. Pursuing the goal of getting your website onto the greatest number of directories is an infinitely endless task. In the US there are stocks on the NY Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, and American Exchange (the three majors). I don't know exactly how many stocks there are, but THERE ARE MORE MUTUAL FUNDS THAN STOCKS. In the same way, I wouldn't be surprised if there are more directories than websites. Directory here, directory ther, everywhere a directory.

Everyone has their stories about Google. The story I have heard told often is that if you have your website registered on too many and too low page ranked directories, your website's page rank is lowered by Google. I can't swear this is true. But it's a story often told....and it makes a lot of sense.
dude hosting has done good work.
you can use to check multiple directory sites(upto 25 sites at once) for their own pr, in case they dont have a pr3 then avoid submitting to it. thats the simplest shortcut i can tell you about seo without too much details. ok!



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@newyorkdude - I love irony and humour, but didn't get your point either :D

Yes, that's part of the problem - anyone can set up their own free directory in just a few minutes - Ceres point about quality directories is a good one.


New Member
I agree with you guys. I personally just don't submit my site until they are quality one's ;-)

The list was something to share with you guys and a kick start for the new starters ;-)
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