Study: Keyword-rich domains get more clicks


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Study shows that domains with keywords matching a search query get more clicks.

Verisign has published the results of a study showing that keyword-rich domain names matching a search query are more likely to get clicked in search results.

For example, if someone searches for “How do I create a personal brand online?” the domain has two matching keywords from the search query.

Verisign looked at the click-through rates of the top 20 search results for 11 million search queries.

Results that didn’t have any matching keywords in the second level domain had a 12.44% click rate. Those with one matching term were clicked 21.79% of the time, and two or more words 25.30%.



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Not a surprise to me. I know that a lot of bashing of keyword domains is going on, but even if Google does not give them any bonus, there are a lot of other practical reasons to use them.
Seems obvious at first but I never thought that keywords rich domains could improve your traffic so much, more than 20% is huge at least for me. And because of that these domains are usually more expensive than some obscure domain name with zero keywords.


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