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Hi Cricketer,

Welcome to Inforum. That's a good blog you have started.

I have not yet participated in the expired domain side of things and do not know how thing works. Your feedback after trying the steps you have described will be appreciated.

Mean time, any inforum'ers want to share some thoughts on the "expired domain" business?


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Hi Cricketer,

Nice article (I like your blog too).

Good luck with your experiment. I agree it's possible to pick up decent domains via the expired domains route and to later sell them at a profit. I also agree with your comment that, at times, selling domains can be one of the hardest things to do!

It takes time to look at lists of expiring domains and to also do research on domains. However, if someone is able to commit that time, I think they can get a decent return.

Some expired domains have a dodgy past (eg it was used for spamming, hosting malware, somehow flagged by Google etc), so I think it's important to look at the history of the domain. There might be a good reason why it was dropped! ;)

Please keep us updated as to the progress of your experiment.


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As a habit I always check backlinks to the domain according to Google. Sometimes I find names with loads of backlinks according to Yahoo and not a single one according to Google..... with those ones you can smell something fishy.
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Google purposefully hides backlinks. Yahoo! is really the best place to check for backlinks.


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Jeff, I think Google only counts high quality backlinks whereas Yahoo would count everything pointed. I usually expect at least a couple of backlinks according to Google. That way I know the domain is not sandboxed or penalised in Google.
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