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Hi everyone,
Currently on sale is a Super premium gTLD .Financial.
The term "Stock" is worth billion dollars.

Why should You own a generic domains?
Here is a few reasons why buying a quality domain name can yield great returns for your company/yourself.

Credibility & Respect – If you own a generic domain potential clients instantly know that you’re serious about what you’re doing.

Instant Traffic – Generic domains usually receive direct navigation traffic from the get-go. Traffic from direct navigation (also called type-in traffic) is high-quality targeted traffic that converts more than twice as well as search engine traffic, according to recent studies.

Branding & Marketing – You can do both, use to domain to support an existing brand or to build a new brand under the domain name. For example: What do you think of when I say “Dell”? You’ll probably say “computers”. But you know what? This works the other way around too. If a company uses a generic domain in their marketing campaigns and to promote their products and services clients will soon think of the company name when they hear the generic term (e.g. they think of “Dell” when they hear “computers”).

Competition – Buy the domain before your competition does. A quality domain you own is a domain your competition doesn’t own and cannot use against you. Generic traffic domains can drive hundreds or thousands of potential new clients to a company’s website on a daily basis, at no additional cost, and you do not want these clients to land on your competitor’s website. Descriptive domains are a huge advantage in competition.

Search Engine Ranking – Websites with keyword-rich domains have better chances of being listed at top positions in search engine results.

Investment – Domains are a lucrative investment vehicle. In fact, domains go up in value faster than any other commodity on earth.

Business Growth – Generic domains can help you reach a larger audience, expand into new markets and attract new clients.
Many large companies have already purchased generic domains, because they want the benefit from owning a premium domain name.

This domain currently on public auction at

Thank you for checking this.
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