Starting off as a Domainer?? Here are some tips!!


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If you are thinking of starting your career as a Domainer, here are some tips:

1) You won't make money instantly. Yes, it is a sad fact, but you will need to invest time and have patience before you may find a buyer for your domain.

2) Buy around 10 domain names for your initial flipping. If you invest more, you will be discouraged when you don't find a buyer for your domains. So, it is usually good to have around 10 names, so that you have a diversified portfolio and some decent number of names.

3) Know your target buyers. It is important that you know who are your prospective buyers. for eg, if you have a domain name '', you should approach technology related stores, technology related blogs which may not be very popular, tips and tricks blog owners, etc will be your main target.

4) Send out an email to the buyers that you own some domain name that may be of their use, and then explain them how that may be useful for their business. this is arouse interest in them and they may revert back with an offer.

5) Know your client. If your buyer is a big company guy, paying a few hundred or thousand dollars is not a big thing for him. So, you may offer to sell the name for multiple times that you thought of, just because the person on the other side of the table is rich.
On the other hand, if he is a person with limited means, he may only be able to pay a couple of hundred dollars.

6) All good names are already taken. So you need to come up with creative names that may be SEO friendly, or something that sounds good, or may be of some use to the niche of buyers you are targeting, or containing all the three.

Follow these tips and you shall make a passive business out of domain names, bringing in a few hundred dollars weekly.
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If you need any other help or assistance, you can PM me.


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