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Obviously we know what one of my startup sites is - but I am also going to start developing some of my other web sites.

I looked and besides wall paper domains I had - the highest search popularity was

Google Exact for [signin] and [sign in] in India is I believe around 30,000 - add in [sigin to hotmail] etc, you hit a little gold mine.

I figure it will not be anything special but I am going to start development tonight where it is simply a portal to sign on to the most searched web sites in India. Include some Google Adsense, and see what happens. In all my years of domaining in .in - I am yet to develop so this will be my first attempt. If anyone would like to PM me hints it would be appreciated.

I assume when I am developing this out I want to get links from .in domains not .com (or does it matter?)

That is probably the one thing I am most curious about more than anything else. Anyone with experience developing trafficked .in sites I would appreciate a chat some time if you are willing : )


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I assume when I am developing this out I want to get links from .in domains not .com (or does it matter?)

Links from Indian websites will help your website rank higher on But a good quality link is always worthwhile, no matter where you are getting it from.
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