Spending more time on crypto currency than domaining?


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Elliot Silver recently published this article:

I was chatting with a veteran domain investor on Tuesday who has become active in the cryptocurrency space. He posted something crypto-related on social media, and I messaged him to ask what it meant. Long story short, he essentially told me that domain investing was much more boring than cryptocurrency and the returns are better.

I follow the cryptocurrency space, although I am not all that knowledgable about it. I happen to agree with this person on both accounts right now. I have never found domain names all that exciting, although negotiating deals is fun and the money is great. If you look at any of the cryptocurrency charts, he is also right about the returns.

That is a very valid question as being a domainer myself, I am also very actively involved in crypto-currency and whatever time I make, I divide it 50-50 into domain investing and crypto-currency.

How about you?


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