SPB.com sold for $65,000 at Sedo


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I saw on Sedo's recent sales list that SPB.com has sold for $65,000. Whois history shows the domain was just transferred from SPB Online Services, Ltd. to SPB Software Inc.

The purchaser currently uses the domain SPBSoftwareHouse.com, so SPB.com is a great acquisition from them.

What's the average price for a decent LLL.com these days?

Edit: Things just got interesting. The purchaser originally tried get this domain (from the current seller) via National Arbitration Forum and lost.
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Timely action and due diligence does cost a great deal! Literally in this case!!

The complainant began using SPB mark on 01 Jan 2001 but submitted the name to the USPTO only in April 2005. I thought things got sealed mostly over there. If that were not enough, they did not establish rights to the 3-letter combination for 4 long months (March - June 2001).

It's amazing how even organised businesses, that too software houses don't exercise diligence with regard to TM and Domain Name Registrations.


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