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One tool I recently rediscovered is the Lead Generator tool. I primarily use to find domain names coming up for expiry or pending delete auction, but I noticed its Lead Generator tool a few weeks ago and have been using it on and off since finding it. I thought I would share how I have been using it. I believe there are similar tools like it, so if readers don’t use this particular tool, I am sure some of what I do will work on other, similar tools.

The first thing I do is find a name in my portfolio I think would be worth selling via outbound marketing. Typically, I pick a name that I think would have a wide enough appeal, will not be super risky from a TM perspective, and I select a name I am willing to sell for a fair / reasonable price rather than the optimal value.

Once I choose a domain name to sell, I enter it into the Lead Generator tool. The tool returns anywhere from zero to hundreds of leads depending on the domain name. The leads that are provided range from other domain names with the same keyword in a different extension, to similar domain names, to domain names that are advertising for the particular keyword search. The tool provides the Whois contact information for these domain names, and those leads are considered sales targets. This is helpful, but it is just a starting point for me.



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