Some Recent Hand Reg .IN Domain Names


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Hi all,

Just thought I would share some of my recent hand registered .IN domain names that I picked up over the past few weeks.

Let me know your thoughts on these domains and If you have hand registered any good .IN domains recently and would like to share what you have picked up that would be great.




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Hi Ed,

Thanks for sharing. There are several good ones there that I think will get end user interest. I especially like and - those are important and profitable industries.

It just goes to show - there are still lots of great opportunities available in Indian domains.

Are you just hand registering .in domains? I usually get both the .in and when I hand register. I'm not entirely sure that makes sense, as it increases the costs. OTOH, I figure owning both is good protection for a company.


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Hi Jeff,

I use to get both the & .in for the domain if available but I have decided to focus on the .in now as I think that is where the future of Indian domains will be.

The will still be strong but the .in IMHO will be the stronger over time as it is being marketed much more than the

What I do like to do is register the plural of the domain as I see that as being more of a risk in losing traffic to than a

That being said though, if the .in domain has been registered and the is available I will sometimes register it if it is a strong domain.

Interestingly was available and the was taken which is fine with me :)


Ed King

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some pretty good hand regs i must say. I like a good number of them. I hope you;re willing to keep the best for a few years if need be...


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Thanks Ed. I do think .in will be stronger, but I've seen good type in traffic for some too. However, you make a good point and perhaps I'll stop registering both the .in and the versions.

Interesting re globalization - I don't think I've ever seen a case where the .in isn't registered but the is.


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Maybe I'm wrong, but in the Indian context, makes more sense because of the affinity towards British English as opposed to American English :)


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Hey Ace,

You are dead right with what you said but seeing as was taken I grabbed the next best thing.

The funny thing is on Google India the US English spelling of the word "globalization" appears on 318,000 pages and the UK English spelling appears on 522,000 pages.

So not to bad for the incorrect spelling for the region.



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Hi Warbux,

Yes I have a 5 year + approach to my domains but will sell some along the way I am sure if the price is right.



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I have not found many where the is gone and the .in unregistered but they are out there.

A few that I picked up a while back are, &

I have others but they come to mind straight away.



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The .in will be a much stronger force and will also be less confusing to people who are familiar with the single extension. I am not sure how it differs from the or how that even came into effect, but believe that the names you chosen will be of use for some people. I just wonder about the integrity of establishing these and then selling them. I know that in order to buy a name many people look at what the site has to offer in order to determine if they really want the name. Most of the time they will find alternative names unless they are a very big company, as most people cannot afford the high prices of domains that have already been registered.


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.IN definitely has a lot of potential..but I too agree that the pricing of .INs has always been one of the reasons for the slow growth rate..
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