Social Media still as effective?


Is social media marketing for small businesses still as effective as it was some years ago or have people started tuning the ads out as they usually learn to do over time?


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In my opinion, there's no single marketing medium that you can strictly stick to in this day and age. A balance of the various media is quite vital, as it helps to achieve a lot, in the process. In fact, social media is beneficial to both small and big businesses.


I agree that you cannot put all your eggs in one basket these days because things change so much and so fast in our industry.


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Social media marketing is still effective, both for small and big businesses. The difference is in what methods and mechanisms a particular company employs. In my view, that's what determines the output.


Social media marketing may just be another cog in the wheel, but if that cog wasn't effective it wouldn't be in the wheel in the first place.

Social media marketing is only as effective as the marketer.

Irfan Shafi

The most effective i have found is Google adwords . The traffic that you will revcieve will most likely be converted.
Second one is linkedin ( 70 k followers ) . I get huge traffic from there.
Third one goes to reddit,, if u have news website.
Finally the facebook, you will usually get likes on fb but they wil never visit ur website :)


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Social media can still be effective for small businesses depending on the suitability of the company. For example, a company whose main business is based online such as a niche site could succeed online as long as they engage with the community rather than just posting ads. It will not be very effective if you are trying to promote a physical shop as most customers won’t care what your social presence is.


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I'd like to look at this from the point of view of what your target market is and the nature of the service or product that is being marketed. Social media is still effective but perhaps not to the extent that it was years back.


I found social media still works for promotion, but people tend tune out ads. I got the best results promoting content from the site, which gets traffic back as people have to come back to read the full article. You also need to be more interactive with other people to get the traffic, rather than fire-and-forget, like you could do in the early days.


Possibly the effect of social media isn't as strong as in the past, mainly cause it probably has been gamed. Note, any big SEO thing eventually gets gamed. For instance, at one time, blog commenting and forum signatures were big, but then a lot of SEOs began to abuse the concept.


I think social media ads still do good. But require a lot of practice to get them right. You can see that FBAds are one of the popular ads for getting people to your site. Not all of them are successful but you have to start somewhere.
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