Victoria Lee Huff is the founder and CEO of The Happy Executive. She is an Amazon best selling author with The Road to Success, Volume 2 with Jack Canfield. She’s a sought-after speaker, success workshop leader, executive coach, certified senior advisor, executive director and so much more. Her company,, provides professional speaking, corporate training, and executive coaching services.

Mike: My first question which I cannot hold back is, how do you manage to do so much? Are you also a master of productivity and time management?

Victoria: Holding two leadership roles is a lot to manage some days. Currently, I am transitioning out of my 10-year business and planning to dedicate 100% of my time to I do my best to partition my time between the two entities. On a daily basis, my focus is on completing my top 3 tasks by 11 am. Time management is imperative. I also utilize automation with an electronic calendar link and social media campaigns.

Mike: Tell me about The Happy Executive. What type of clients do you cater to and what are they expecting to gain from your services?

Victoria: provides strategic marketing, coaching, speaking, sales training, team building, custom workshops and social media campaign building services to corporations and individuals.

Mike: is an easy to remember and catchy name. How did you come up with it?

Victoria: Thank you Mike. I created to serve myself and other busy executives doing their best to juggle a multitude of responsibilities at work and at home. Often times, this juggling leads to a persistent state of overwhelm. Being a leader and enduring life is not acceptable. I wanted to remind other busy executives to enjoy life and create happiness for themselves and their staff every day. If we are not happy with the way things are then we must learn to do some things differently.

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