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I've heard it said before that this isn't for lazy people at all. However, it makes sense to use automation if you are a big brand with multiple social media channels. What are some of the most familiar automation apps? is one of the better ones. You can link your site to your various social media channels through RSS or other means and it will auto-update them when you update the site. The best bit is that it is free.
Oh wow. That looks really good. Does it work well with wordpress? Can I use it to link my wordpress site to twitter, cos I was using twitterfeed and that's vanished now.
I've been using Buffer, but that one you mentioned sounds so much better because it's automated. Anything that can save me a little more time in my work is very welcome and appreciated.
No, I don't think it's something for lazy people. Note, many people simply don't have the time to post stuff on social media. In that case, these fairly inexpensive meme posters etc.. can do wonders for a business. Anyway, though, you have to choose what will be sent out. It doesn't do that for you and it can be a little bit of work.
Time is money so social media automation can save a lot of time. You have to understand that such tools can be good to execute lot of campaigns. And this can build a lot better social media following. I can tell you that such automation options may be good in case if there are too many clients to handle. And if the manual work on those leads to more hassles.
Using social media automation is great for anybody who wants to advertise anything as long as they put the time in. Hootsuite and pardot are good to use.


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