.so is coming (nov start)


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hey guys,

just a quick 'heads up'
.so is due to be released and the 'landrush / sunrise' period will start soon.

the prices are a little expensive seeing you have to register them for more than a year, but place your orders now....normally first come first served.

sidenote* im still waiting on my .xxx domains to come through
(pre registered a couple of months ago now)

exciting times ahead and names are for the taking :D


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yeah i know.......its a slow release spanning over to next year.

as a TLD i dont think that it will do that well and im sure a lot of stigma will be attached being a .so but i see opportunity in everything and some really cool domain hacks can be applied 'not.so, fat.so' etc

sorry for not being clearer in my opening rant....too busy going nuts with ideas.
and was waiting for the aud$ to get level with the usd$ (looking for bargain watches from the U.S)

still waiting for my .xxx to come through :p


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hijack.so ,pira...y.so , of course in the background of

famines.so *the plural would be unsuitable imo ;)

anarchy.so and lastly how about, some

but then strong keywords , ..those,, so,

I guess Hijack.so & Piracy.so will be premium reserved. (-:
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thanks for the read and i think .so would be better without domain hacks but still useful if the right marketing is applied (budget).

with everything when it comes to new 'keyword.**' i try to be cautious now as buying a heap of .in was a newbie mistake that i made and have learnt from that. now its budget driven.

I think killer 'keyword' domains will do ok no matter what the extension is (well most anyway) so with .so im sure we will see a few poping up and after watching 'latonas' auction some of the .cm done ...well sort of ok and the guys made a small profit (more than the .in).
I have already submitted what i was wanting for .so, hopefully i get them but after having a look at other extensions yesterday i found some very nice ccTLD's that i think i will keep for a few years in my secret stash along with some .so and .xxx

Francois is going nuts with the amount of sites that he is launching over the last 3 months and i think domainhacks is just a novelty site thats good for a laugh when bored (my personal opinion).

the .info awards seem interesting and i was going to submit something but i couldnt get 'taxifare.info' which mapped very well to an iPhone app I made.

well lets see how this new extension does, cant see it doing that well but sometimes the big guys leave us crumbs that are worth money, just dont think people will make high $**,***

here are some '.cm' results from last year so there is hope :p
NameJet Hauls In $500K In 1st Day .CM Auctions & That’s Only For The Domains On My List | The Domains


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Yes its really a good news.. !

Time Frame: More than 48 hours
Requirements: Sunrise Period ........: Nov.01 2010 - Dec.31 2010
Landrush Period .......: Jan. 10 2011 - Feb.28 2011
Open Registration .....: Apr.01 2011
Sunrise domain names may be registered for a minimum of three (3) years, and a maximum of ten (10) years. Applications accepted for valid trademark holders during this period.. Landrush domain names may be registered for a minimum of one (1) year, and a maximum of ten (10) years and have no restrictions.
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