So far little is being done with the highest selling new gtld domains


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Taking a look at some of the biggest reported new gtld sales on Namebio and it seems like a lot of people spent a lot of money on domains that are doing nothing.

Wine.Club purchased for $140,000 and the name just shows a landing page.

Web.Hosting was purchased for $52,500 at NamesCon in January of 2016 and it’s being used as a redirect to IBEE Hosting is part of XBT Holding and other flagship products of XBT like, Webzilla etc.

Luxury.Estate purchased in 2014 for $50,000 was one of the first big sales. The domain was sold by Domain Holdings. The domain is a Go Daddy landing page.

Pro.Flowers was purchased for $50,000 in June of 2015, the domain does not even resolve.Uniregistry was the seller and FTD the buyer.

Net.Work was sold for $100,000 by Minds + Machines last July, the domain does not resolve.

The only domain doing anything in the top 10 is Autism.Rocks which sold for $100,000. Mikewrote about it when the domain sold.



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