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Hi guys,

I want to introduce you my new tool: DotMixer, Dotmixer is a tool to find single word domain names.

The basics:

1. Sometimes I need a single word domain, you know its very difficult to find these days, as a non-native English speaker I have to open either the English dictionary book or online English dictionary. I check one by one but not finding any, and I gave up because too many words I have to check. I need a tool to help me to bulk check English words.

2. I am looking for a domain by specific keyword for example I want a domain that begins with "Game" or domain end with "Games" and must be in English. I need a tool that can generate a random English words as prefix/suffix of my keywords and check if it's still available.

This tool basically generates a random English words then check if they are still available or not, we all know almost all of single word domains already registered especially .com extension, but as we know there are thousand of domains dropped every day and some of them may the domains that we are looking for, who knows? also there are many one word domains are still available for other extension.

Besides generate a random words, you can also add a prefix or suffix to each word (you can use this method when you want a domain with a specific keywords), select the extension and set the maximum characters length. We have 80,000+ words in our database and we split into 2 categories: common words and full a-z dictionary words.

Try this tool: DotMixer: Fast and free single word domain finder, no registration and no fee. If you find any bugs please report to




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Hi guys,

I have updated the tool, now the availability status of each domain will be more accurate since I decided use my own domain checker that just recently created instead of requesting data from another tool. But I temporary remove some of domain extensions, I have to do more research.

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