Singapore bureaucracy best in Asia, India worst - survey

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SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Singapore's civil servants are the most efficient among their Asian peers, a business survey on 12 economies released on Wednesday showed, but they tend to clam up unhelpfully when things go wrong.
The island-state was ranked first for a third time in a poll of 1,274 expatriates working in 12 North and South Asian nations on the efficiency of bureaucrats in those countries. The poll was last held in 2007.

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Interesting article thanks.

...but they tend to clam up unhelpfully when things go wrong.
Yes, some government bureaucrats still need to handle their mistakes better! :eek:

Unfortunately, excessive red tape is a problem in many countries.


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I think a lot also depends on where you are in India as well. Some places are better than others.

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Overall - despite democracy, the structure and red tape is really annoying... and accountability to general public in most of government offices is missing. However I agree with Jeff, there are some good places and some really bad places in India and it is because of few good men among the lot which is really doing good to keep India moving at this pace and striving for development of the country...


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