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So here is an example / Showcase dot IN use

Below most of the commentary is on hindsight (my personal views) on seeing a new and surprising TV ad campaign recently during the Asia Cup on Star Sports Network.

Exxon Mobile (which never has before) is running a series of ads ending with EnergyFactor.IN after the logo appears at the end during the cricket game intervals between every over of the Asia Cup...

My notes -

a) The domain redirects to the sub site under the corporate site!
b) Exxon Mobil launched this campaign based on this theme in 2016 globally (except Asia) it seems under the COM domain
c) The COM redirects to the sub site as well under the corporate domain
d) Mark Monitor only registered the IN extension in June 2018
e) Had someone registered this generic name in 2016-17 for IN extension then...... (you get my point;) see PS)

I am happy that this global energy giant with nearly 300 USD Billion in Revenues has put a dot IN in its media campaign front and centre

What are they up to?

The piped Natural Gas segment (Infrastructure for Supply from LNG terminals to Distribution End Points) is just getting started in India (A mature industry in USA and Europe) - seems Exxon wants a piece of the pie in India - a very large pie indeed!

Key Takeaway -

A smart domain investor would always have their radar and pulse on the industry happenings and do their research!

PS - There is a very fine line between wrong and right sometimes an astute businessman has to just move the line a little and take some risks


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