Should I wait?


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A buyer won a domain from me on afternic for mid x,xxx. This was beginning of December. We got in a little legal thistle and we let our lawyers duke it out for two weeks. There after we came to an agreement and agreed to proceed with the deal. it's been 2 weeks now and still no closure on his end. He did send me a message via Afternic last week telling me that he was traveling and would send funds beginning of this week.

My question is, how long should I wait or must I wait? I get offers on the name almost weekly and at this point- I'm losing money not doing anything with it and it urks me.


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I'd move on if you are getting other offers.

Make sure you officially cancel the sale at Afternic, otherwise you may be breaching their TOS.

I've found that if people don't pay after a week, they normally are not going to pay at all. And if the person really wants the domain, he will get back to you.


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Something similar had happened to me too! I kept waiting and the buyer never returned but after a point I decided to sell it off to some one else. BTW I had informed about it to the auctioneers. So yes Jeff's advice is right.


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