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I received an offer through Sedo for one of my pronouceable (premium LLL) for about $110. Should I release to an auction in public at Sedo ?



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whats the fee it showing ? if they take 50$ fee then it may not work to you

ask 350$ and see his response :p


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Well, look at this given on the Sedo price list page -
"Pay No Minimum commission for most TLDs when your
domain is parked with Sedo and sells for a fixed price!"

You know, the value of a domain is just as deep as the buyer's pocket. If you can tell us the domain name (in private message, if you want it to be confidential),
we domainers might be able to give better opinion w.r.t. premium, pronounceable, marketability, price etc. as well as any other issues.

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