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Today I've received an email from a Director of a company in India want to purchase one of my premium which is relate to that company / service or non-profit group which I haven't sure yet. This person found my email through the whois I believed

So I sent it back and asked the buyer for his/her best offer in $ USD amount. But I do prefer for the mid - high $x,xxx , then I can begin discuss about the prices.

Question is do you think it's good idea to give out the term like that? Please share your idea
I tend to ask for about $3000 and settle for 1500 to 2000.
You can renew a huge number of your other premium LLL.IN with that capital.

Each LLL.IN that is used by an end-user and is removed from the pool will ultimately increase the value of the remaining LLL.IN.

Good Luck

Out of curiosity, do they own the equivalent


Actually they doesn't own * , but their company/service name is relate to my LLL . How do I search for it?

Aligarh <-- is that a city in India ?


hello sir I am not able to purchase your URL. I'm running small tutorial in india and I can give you only Rs. 2500/-. I'm not able to give money that much in $ .

I have received a reply back (check msg above). He/She said can offer at RS. 2500 ? what is RS 2500? any idea ?
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I'm not sure of the full sequence of events, but with an offer like that, I wouldn't even counter-offer. I'd simply write back recommending that if that is his budget, then it would make more sense for him to register a new name.
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