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Over 100 million users search the term "SEX" on Google every month. is a powerful keyword domain for the adult entertainment space with the potential to deliver millions of users to your website when properly optimized for the keyword search term "Sex".

Bought for $1500 in 2016, this domain is now in auction.

- Ready to be developed today!!! makes perfect sense!!! Works amazing together!
- SEX always sells, No matter what happens with new GTLD this domain will go up in value!!
- sold for 13 million - Sex. later sold for 14 million, SHOWS THE POWER OF SEX!!
- SEX.Live was sold for $160,000.

Domain Development -

- Open sex toys store 15 billion dollar industry
- Open directory of other sex sites
- Make your own directory of webcam fun
- Use your imagination. There are thousands of Endusers with HUGE bankrolls and design to own this name.
Domain Expiry & Renewable fee -

Registration Date - 2015/07/08
Expiration Date - 2018/07/08 (9 months to go)

The best part is the SUPER CHEAP RENEWAL price oF $118 compared to others which can lead into thousands of dollars. If you have any question please feel free to contact us on the details listed on the landing page.

Good luck



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