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CNN follows the story of how two companies set up business in India, and the challenges they faced.

Harith and his brother Pranod even had trouble registering the name of their company, CMOaxis.

"We called the company CMOaxis, which stands for Chief Marketing Officer, but for a long time couldn't get the name approved by the registrar of companies here, because they said CMO means Chief Minister's Office. So we had a really tough time, just convincing people."
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"If you are going to do business in India, there is a lot of red tape and corruption. You have to learn to deal with, but it is very frustrating. If you're caught up in some regulation and the laws are kind of ambiguous and there's no right or wrong the authorities can give you a lot of trouble," he said.

If you can't deal with it, then you're doing business in the wrong country. It is stupid, but part and parcel of being in India."
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This sounds interesting; I'll have to read this. From what I'm getting from your summaries though, it seems like it's hard to set up a business in India. Is that true?


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From what I understand, some aspects of setting up a business in India is more challenging than, say, the US. For example, there's more red tape to deal with in India.

However, it's certainly possible to set up a business in India and live to tell your success story! For example, look at how many Indian entrepreneurs are listed here. It's very encouraging.


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That is very encouraging. I also had heard that it was difficult to set up a business in India. I am new to all of this, but this is encouraging information for anyone trying to start a business in India.


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Well there are many obstacles to start a business in India. And also as said, corruption is the worst thing in India. I wonder whether the government officials get any salary for their work or not. Have you ever seen a police commissioner having 102 cars on his own after his service period?


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