SEO: Does TLD/Extension affect Search Ranking?


This is a question for those who are really involved in developing domains rather than parking.

I would like to know whether a .in domain will fare better than say a .com or .org etc. for the same keywords if the search is from India.

Example will Google prefer to show above for the same keywords if the search is from India?

Please give your comments on this topic.


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There does seem to be some sort of ranking bonus for .in and domains in

You could also improve your rankings in by adding a physical address in India to your website, by hosting in India, and by obtaining links from other India based websites.


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There does seem to be some sort of ranking bonus for .in and domains in

You could also improve your rankings in by adding a physical address in India to your website, by hosting in India, and by obtaining links from other India based websites.
Jeff is right about the extension bonus. A case in point is my own domain

For the domain keywords "local rentals" and out of about 75 million web pages, it does not rank even in the 1st 100 (10 pages) on, but on it is ranked #2.

I have setup a Regional Php Link Directory on it and GoDaddy is both the registrar and host. So, the host may not have a bearing, but yes, with recent developments at Google, giving a local address may push up the ranking.

Another point to note is that I have not obtained any links for the site and I haven't yet got many listings either. This makes a strong case for keyword rich domain names.

A further point: if is accessed from an Indian IP address, it defaults to All the more reason for a website to go for .IN if they are targeting Indian market. Also, a redirect won't work - you need to have static and dynamic content.


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Same is the case with

Out of 1 million web pages, it's #8 on and not in top 100 on

Get IN folks! Get the .IN
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At the local level (India) it is good. But this will discourage international buyers of .IN , as geting a .IN site to first page in the buyers country (say US or UK) will be very difficult.


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There is no point in getting a .IN to the first page on a search based in a country like USA or UK. A dotIN is supposed to be targeted to India based web visitors.

The whole point is:
- If you are an India business with India market then you should use .IN
- If you are Global business with India market then you should use .IN
- If you are an India business with Global market then you should use .COM/NET/ORG etc.
- If you are an India business with only USA market, then you should use .US/.COM

and so on...

The only international domain buyers having interest in .IN without the marketing interest, are from a particular country who have somehow come to associate .IN with .InterNet
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